Thursday 25 Apr 2019
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Dr. Jerome Stokes

Dr. Stokes



Dr. Jerome Stokes serves as Senior Pastor and Chief Executive Officer of The Church of the Redeemed of the Lord (CRL) in Baltimore, Maryland. CRL is a ministry providing its congregants and community with operational programs, services, and courses of instruction for the development of the total person. In his executive capacities, Dr. Stokes oversees more than 40 operational components including a day staff and associate pastors. Through a successful 25-year tenure, he developed and implemented strategic business plans, allowing the ministry to meet the needs of the community, empower individuals, and change lives. He began his pastorate in 1985, with twelve members and led the ministry to a current membership of more than 7000.  Furthermore, Dr. Stokes has excelled in creating both the structure and team necessary to guide the ministry through the turbulence and uncertainty of this dramatic growth.  

Dr. Stokes started CRL with a 20-year executive level background as a systems analyst, gaining valuable experience in the highly competitive business industry.  This experience, and most importantly, the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit, allowed him to nurture and shape a ministry where spiritual and natural growth and development flourish. As the ministry grew in size, services, revenue, and maturity, Dr. Stokes recruited and hired capable men and women needed to sustain the level of quality service for successful ministry and outreach to the world. He serves as senior pastor for a large staff of elders, ministers, and associate pastors, with several entering the Pastorate and establishing ministries to further extend his God-given vision.

Under his leadership, the ministry continues to offer essential services to the community, free of charge. These services include: The Matthew 25 Crew, providing prison and homeless outreach; a Food Pantry, serving the community on a daily basis; a G.E.D. Program; and The Redeemed International Christian College, empowering the community through education. Additionally, the ministry gives back to the community annually by providing back-to-school supplies to more than 200 children; Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to those in need; and giving toys for Christmas to over 400 children in the community, local shelters, and children of those who are incarcerated.  

Dr. Stokes is the Chair of the Board of Directors for CRL and the Redeemed International Christian College.  Dr. Stokes is an author of several books, including God’s Vision, Your Decision and You Can Do It!   He broadcasts locally and internationally, reaching millions via The Lamp of Victory radio program – including weekly broadcasts in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Antigua, and Grenada. 

In addition to his dedication to CRL, Dr. Stokes’ commitment to education is evident. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree from Morgan State University, completed graduate studies with The International Bible Institute and Seminary and the St. Mary’s Seminary, received a Master of Biblical Theology Degree in 1985, a Doctor of Ministry Degree in 1987, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Ministry in 1990.  

Dr. Stokes is married to Marsha Charity Stokes, an ordained elder serving faithfully to support him in ministry, and the loving father of two children. He is a senior pastor and CEO who empowers others to succeed. He serves the Lord with sincerity and love, is known as a well-organized spiritual leader, and stresses decency and order in every area of life and ministry.