Thursday 21 Mar 2019
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The Vision

I have always had a desire to see believers in Christ rise to higher levels and to walk in the knowledge of who they are in Him. Since receiving Christ, it has been my desire to see believers walk in the authority provided by our Lord Jesus Christ. In the midst of these changing times, it is necessary that we, as believers, stand up and defend the gospel that has been given to us. In order to do this, we must be taught and reminded of our great position in Christ. Through that knowledge, we can walk in who we are to a greater degree.

To aid in achieving this task, I released a book entitled 'I Know Who I Am' (IKWIA). It is my prayer that these 52 "I Am" affirmations will be etched permanently on your heart and mind. They will give you confidence in your Christian walk, boldness to declare God's Word, and the knowledge of who you truly are in Christ.

This "I Know Who I Am" effort is not intended to simply be a project, but a movement. The goal is to encourage us, as believers, to elevate our walk in Christ, based upon an increased knowledge of who we are in Him. There is no plan to sensationalize this effort as so many other efforts have been in the Body of Christ. The desire is to simply have believers walk in the knowledge of who we are in Christ. My prayer is that the engagement in the Christian life will not simply be something that believers do, but that it will become who we are.

Dr. Stokes