Thursday 25 Apr 2019
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Introducing Boomer & Blossom


Boomer and Blossom are the main characters of the childrens version of the book 'I Know Who I Am'. These characters will be used to demonstrate biblical principles and teachings to children. Through various situations, events and activities, Boomer and Blossom will provide a way to reach out to children in a manner that they can relate to and understand.

It is a sincere hope, that Boomer and Blossom will help relay basic principles of Godliness to children. Children have very active imaginations and can often identify with imaginary chartacters. There are countless children's characters that our children encounter through television, video games, websites and in other forms of media. Some of the characters that kids love teach them great lessons, but there are few that demonstrate and teach the lessons of God. Boomer and Blossom were created to do just that; teach God's lessons to our children 


boomer character




blossom character


Boomer and Blossom were created and illustrated by Dominic Jordon Jr.